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Every parent, guardian, and teacher wants to keep their kids healthy and happy. House fires are sudden, unpredictable and more common than most people think. Planning for unexpected events is a necessity to keep our loved ones safe.


It's our mission to provide the education and tools necessary to ensure every family  is prepared for a fire emergency.

Prepare your family now!





Interested in helping to keep families prepared for an emergency?

AFC is looking to spread our mission as far and as fast as we can. Anyone can help! You can host a presentation, volunteer, donate, or just share us on social media. See how you can get involved!

Have you ever wondered how firefighters stay safe when they go into a fire?

Check out this video to learn about their gear and how they breathe in a smokey situation!

— Heidi, Educator & Mom

My family had the pleasure of attending a safety presentation with Austin's Fire Chiefs.  I will admit that it became clear early on that stop, drop and roll is really not the first step in fire safety.  If there was a fire in our house, he would not know what to do.  My son, along with the other kids, were engaged in the presentation and learned the importance of having a plan.  But it truly was a wake up call for the parents in the room.  Hearing our kids not have a plan in case of a fire was eye opening.  We left the presentation and truly committed to practicing at home.  Our son learned how to open every window and door in house as well as the safe places outside of the house.  We had a plan.  I sleep better at night knowing that he understands that grabbing that special toy is not a priority and that it can be replaced.  The plan is to get out to safety.  I highly recommend this to every parent. 

Austin's Fire Chiefs Final TM-01.png

COVID-19 Update:

  • Most importantly, we hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy through these difficult times!

  • Following CDC recommendation, AFC is not scheduling presentations or any future gatherings at this time. Sign up for our newsletter for updates through this process.

  • While you're home, please take this time to have a conversation with your family about working on and practicing your family plan. Now is also a good time to change the batteries in and test your smoke detectors. If you need a smoke detector and can't afford one, click here to get a free one.

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